Short Description

Inner Surface: White
Outer Surface: White
Folded Length: 62cm (approx)
Diameter: 83cm (33")
Shaft Diameter: 8mm

Price: $29.95

Additional Product Information

Umbrellas soften, broaden, and diminish the light output of any tungsten or flash light source.

White translucent Umbrellas are perfect for creating nice, soft light. Ideal for portrait photography.

This umbrella is not only great as a "shoot-through" umbrella, but it can also be used as an inexpensive bounce light.

· This umbrella is an all white reflective umbrella with the ribs on the inside, concave side. It produces soft, wrap around style lighting perfect for single light portraits.
· Light loss is minimal, approximately 1 stop depending on the distance to the light unit. The long shaft allows the umbrella to be moved closer to the light source for a narrower beam of soft light or further away for a wide beam of soft light. This wide beam is perfect for lighting couples.

The umbrella is 33" (83cm) diameter. It is made of nylon material, and is lightweight and is easy to use and assemble.

The umbrella features a 62cm shaft with locking mechanism, a round 8-panel design ensuring pleasing catchlights.

Features & Benefits

• Parabolic-shaped reflector - which provides large circular light source to render circular catch light in eyes
• Versatile - the white fabric is both reflective and translucent.
• Folds down - like a traditional umbrella which makes it easily portable.