Jinbei Quick Fold 60 x 90 Umbrella Soft Box

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Bowens Mount

Price: $169.00

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Jinbei Quick Fold 60 x 90 Umbrella Soft Box With Bowens Mount
The 60 x 90 cm rectangular K Series soft box from Jinbei offers a conventional shape modifier with an unconventional design. If you can open an umbrella, you can set up any of the soft boxes in the K Series range. Set up and pack down of this soft box takes literally 10 seconds thanks to the innovative design, which integrates the supporting struts into the frame and speed ring. This allows fast and easy set up and makes taking normally studio bound soft boxes on location a viable option. The 60 x 90 size is an absolute must have in your light modifying kit. Traditionally, everything from portraiture to product photography can benefit from the shape of light that a rectangular modifier provides.

The K Series features high quality, reflective material and diffusers. The interior is made of prograde omni-bounce silver reflective fabric with durable black backing. Every soft box in the K Series range comes with a removable internal baffle for extra diffusion when needed. The K Series Range is available in many shapes and sizes to suit all lighting requirements.