Jinbei MSN600 TTL Twin studio flash kit

Short Description

Jinbei MSN 600 TTL Two Head Kit with stands, reflectors, umbrella's and Carry Bag

Price: $1,769.00

Additional Product Information

Jinbei MSN 600 TTL Two Head Kit with stands, reflectors, umbrella's and Carry Bag

The MSN TTL series is the Ferrari of Jinbei's new TTL/HSS based range of studio flash heads. This is the model where it is all about performance. With the industry leading features of the HD610 battery flash; TTL, HSS, and freeze capabilities, and with the extra punch of being a mains powered studio flash, it offers a faster recycle time of just 0.8 seconds at full power, and up to 20 frames per second shooting capabilities. At the same time, colour accuracy across all levels and modes has been the major priority of the MSN engineers, ensuring consistent results.

The MSN TTL flash features an LED modeling light with proportional output. Using an LED modelling light means no more unreliable tungsten globes that are hot and fragile and always blow at the wrong time, LED will never leave you in the dark.

Add in a TRQ6 trigger for just $99 and get bluetooth app control using either the Android or Apple App from Jinbei. The App can control any amount of heads in multiple groups on multiple channels for complete studio control.

To enable advanced group setups, the MSN studio flash has a colour LED indicators on the side rear quarter which will change colour to indicate which group each head is set to. This provides an easy visual confirmation, and faster workflow. Jinbei have thought of everything!

The MSN TTL flash represents a new high end standard at a great low price. The MSN flash could now be the most feature rich Monobloc flash currently available, and of course this MSN head will work on conjunction with all the new Jinbei releases like HD610 and Mars 3 battery flashes.

TTL and HSS are available using the TR611/612 or the TRQ6 series remotes, available seperately for Nikon and Canon.